Your patient journey.

Dr James Rosengarten will be by your side every step of the way from diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. Take a look at a typical patient’s journey or jump to our FAQs.

Booking your appointment

You can speak to one of our telephone team, email or use online booking. Choose between clinics in Margate, Canterbury and Ashford.

We accept both self funding and insured patients. For most conditions you don’t need a GP referral (although you should check this if you have an insurer). It’s always helpful if you can email us any previous reports that you have.

Your initial consultation

At your first appointment you will have the chance to speak at length with your consultant. The consultation will involve a thorough review of your problem, a focussed examination and sometimes basic tests like an ECG or bloods. 

A new consultation is typically around 45 minutes, but the great benefit of private care is that you shouldn’t feel rushed. We will take the time you need to understand what is troubling you. In most cases you can bring a friend or relative with you, or we can even link a video or telephone call for them. After the consultation you can ask further questions, typically over email, as needed. 

Diagnostic scans and tests

Once we’ve established a likely diagnosis, we may recommend investigations to help confirm this and establish the best treatment options. These will generally be performed by arrangement with an expert cardiac physiologist and usually at a separate appointment.

We take the view that tests should be chosen on the basis that they will help determine your future care and so we will usually be able to avoid unnecessary investigations. For the same reason we don’t usually arrange tests without you first being assessed in clinic. 

We will ensure you are fully informed of any cost for these tests. Sometimes there is a reporting fee and a hospital fee, payable separately.

Your personalised treatment plan

Once the results are available and reviewed by your consultant you can agree your next steps. This might be discharge back to your GP with the knowledge of an expert diagnosis. You may wish to initiate some treatment under the supervision of the consultant, usually followed by a further consultation. Sometimes you might need some type of interventional treatment, something you will have the opportunity to discuss at your consultation, backed up by video information.

Interventional suite

Sometimes we might recommend a test or treatment that requires an “intervention”. This is a small operation involving passing wires through blood vessels to the heart. Examples include an angiogram, electrophysiology study and ablation, or a pacemaker. These are generally performed as daycase procedures, meaning that you receive expert care from your consultant, but can return home the same day. We can also make arrangements for overnight nursing care if required.

Recovery & aftercare

We will talk through the recovery specific to your treatment, but you will be mobile by the time you are discharged. Your consultant will be available to answer any questions you may have over the coming days. 

Gentle activity and exercise can resume within a few days. There is usually a restriction to driving of up to a week, or sometimes longer depending on what is proposed.  

Follow-up appointments

Follow up after an intervention is usually after one month, and more complex conditions will require further reviews until you feel happy to be discharged back to your GP. 

Your consultant will continue to take an interest in your health even after you are discharged, and you can be in touch at any stage if you have a question or wish to be seen again.

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